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Showing posts from October 12, 2011

Never Enough

There are never enough hours in the day. I never have enough help. We never have enough _________.
If each of us is honest with ourselves we have probably said a few of these statements before. A common argument of young children when they want something is to complain about never having it. ‘We never have pizza’ even though they had pizza for dinner 3 nights ago. Adults do it too. When was the last time you heard a co-worker say 'we never have enough time to complete a project', or maybe you have recently said that you never get enough sleep? We don’t just talk about never having enough. We think it too. We see someone with a nicer car and think our reliable car isn’t enough. Then, we hear about lavish trips friends take and think we will never make enough money to travel like that. We hear of someone receiving a promotion or a better job and think our position, or title, or responsibility isn't enough. In thinking that we never have enough, we miss out on what we do have. …