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God Provides for His Purpose

I struggled for awhile with the idea of starting this blog. The same way I sometimes struggle to participate in Sunday school and Bible study. You see I don’t like talking in Sunday school or Bible study without feeling the Holy Spirit guide me. More often than not I pray for scripture to share and guide my words IF I speak. I don’t want to bear false witness which I think can include talking just to talk. I have been unsure about this blog especially in the last several days. Was I doing it for the right reasons? Was I using the right words? Was I allowing God to lead me to share what was on my heart and mind with others for His glory?
Yesterday I made a short post, but I had written another one. I wasn’t sure though if the Lord wanted me to share my words or not, so I chickened out. Then, last night my Bible study was about being submissive to the Lord’s assignments. (Hint! Hint! But God didn’t stop there.) At the end of that lesson there was a verse, the same verse I had on my heart to share yesterday. I definitely feel that was God’s way of showing me that someone maybe just one other person needed those words God gave me yesterday that I didn’t post.
So, here’s the post God put on my heart yesterday, I pray it’s not too late to touch someone.
I hope and pray that it has been obvious through my last several posts that God is the Ultimate Provider. He provides grace. He provides mercy. He provides strength. He provides comfort. He provides family and friends. He provides for our needs. He provides struggles so that we can draw closer to Him. God provides all things.
You already knew that right? You knew that God provides all things. You are used to the idea that He will give you what you need (maybe not necessarily what you want but what you truly need). Perhaps you’re reading this and thinking none of these ideas are new to you. You have heard it all before, but I have a question for you. Did you know that all that God provides is part of His plan for your life and the person you will become in Christ?
If this were a bible study lesson a teacher would probably ask you to read Jeremiah 29:11 now. (Let me throw it in here in case you’re having one of those days where you couldn’t recall your favorite Bible verse if you had to…)
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11
This verse can be very comforting. God has everything planned. He knows what we will need. He can provide all our needs. God’s got it. And that’s that. The end…
…but wait! There’s more! You know that relationship from your past that you ‘wasted your time on’? How about that friendship that fell apart and left a wound that still has not healed completely? Maybe there was a decision that seemed so good at the time except it really wasn’t and you found yourself feeling like you were at the wrong college, took the wrong job, living in the wrong town, spending time with the wrong people. Every situation, every circumstance, every relationship –good, bad, short, or long all have made you who you are today. God loves you the way you are. He made you the way you are! Your life both the good and the bad parts, your entire past, and your whole future all play a role in molding you into what God needs you to be. He provides a purpose for your life, the way you are, and all you will be.    
Don’t forget this doesn’t just apply to you. All relationships and events in our lives and the lives of those around us help us grow and become who we are. Your friend who was hurt by someone else (and that hurt has allowed you to grow closer to your friend). That ‘good kid’ you work with or mentor to that can’t seem to catch a break (which reminds you to appreciate your blessings). The co-worker you don’t think has an ounce of dignity or a drop of good work ethic (but should motivate you daily to work and do all things for the Lord). Some one you’re dating and their really attractive ex or unique friendship with some one else before you (that shaped the person you care about in to who they are). We are all shaped daily by our relationships and life events for God’s purpose and glory.

28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”          Romans 8:28

God wants us exactly how we are. Will you let Him use you? He has a plan for your life.


  1. Woman, I love your thoughts and how they are put out here for all to read! I appreciate your honesty and sincerity. I think this post is awesome! I have found myself reflecting on so much (especially college). I often think that I wasn't completely myself, I didn't make those connections like I thought I was supposed... just so on and so forth. I like reading this because even though situations don't play out how we thought they would...apparently that was in God's plan. I couldn't agree more that the people, the situations, the events we encounter are for a reason, it is up to us how we use them in our life. Kiddos on your words of wisdom and your courage to put it out there! Love you! AND THANK YOU FOR SO MANY YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP... whatever changes, situations, the end I'm glad we have been able to sustain our relationship. :)....I couldn't figure out how to post other than anonymous...but this is Jamie. lol

  2. Jamie, I love you too! Thank you for our friendship. I am so glad you enjoyed this post. You are right even though some situations don't play out apparently it wasn't God's plan. (Of course it can be hard to see that when we're in the middle of something.)


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