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There’s an App for That

You’ve seen them…people using their smartphones in church…
Ideally, most of these folks have their smartphones out during Sunday School, Bible classes, lessons, and sermons because they are using their Bible app, I think.

Since its introduction in 2008, 12.5 million people have downloaded the YouVersion Bible application (one of the most popular Bible apps) and have spent 4 billion minutes reading the Bible with it. The app has the complete searchable Bible, available in numerous versions and 22 languages, along with reading plans and study guides. I’m sure the angels who are tech savvy were thrilled….

I -in my human skin- have a hard time with it….While I am excited that as society expands in our use of technology Christians are continually finding ways to integrate that new technology modernizing how we share, study, and teach God’s word, I know the devil is in the details. Think about all the capabilities of a smartphone. Users can access the web including checking fantasy team scores, games scores, Facebook and Twitter accounts, e-mails, text messages, and so much more. Watch as your fellow brothers and sisters use their smartphones during Bible time…it’s not all church related.

Now, I don’t think when people downloaded a Bible app they intentionally thought, ‘I will download this app, so I can have my phone out at church, pretend to be reading God's word, and then do other things’. I do believe that worldly distractions are from the devil, and although we may plan to use our smartphones in church solely for the purpose to look up scripture… with that phone out it is so tempting to do a million other things besides concentrating on the Holy Spirit, God’s word, and our fellow Christians. It can also be another mask we hide behind. (Click here to read yesterday's blog post about the masks we use everyday.)

Have you read the scripture describing the armor of God lately? It starts with Ephesians 6:10, “Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” The devil's schemes are like that little voice in your head saying it’s ok to answer that text message during Bible study. Verse 11 explains that our struggles (like that voice saying ‘check the text message’ or tempting us to make just one tweet) are fights against the spiritual forces of evil.

Think about how much you use your cell phone. You take it every where –even to the restroom (hey if it’s in your pocket it counts)! Many people sleep with their cell or at least have it on a charger next to their bed. Do you think the devil wants you to figure out that little device you carry every where could be used as a weapon for Christ? Absolutely not!

Ephesians 6:13 “Put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground.”
I encourage you to arm yourself as God intended us….not with masks but with the full armor of God. Guard your heart and your mind against the distractions that the devil creates in this world including the ease and capabilities that handy, little smartphone gives you.

(Selfish plug: There are many people who do not have a Bible in their native language. There are several others who can not read or afford a Bible. Most of us are blessed with the resource of God’s Holy Word in print. Do you realize that in God’s word the Holy Spirit dwells?! Not even the disciples had that luxury! Let’s not take our Bibles for granted. Dust it off. Take it to church, and if you’re convinced you will never use anything but you’re amazing Bible app again, I challenge you to give your Bible to someone who doesn't have one. 

Don't know someone without a Bible. Think hard. I bet you do! 

You can also visit or click here to find out how to donate used or new Bibles.)


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