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What I Learned in September

Five Things I Learned in September

1. It’s not about me
 Okay. I already knew that. (No, really I did!) Let’s say it was something I was REMINDED of in two specific ways:  
First - somehow my blog was brought up and either my mom or my sister asked me why I wasn’t posting anymore. My initial, physical reaction was heartache because I have missed it. My verbal response was, “No one ever really commented on my posts.” My ever so smart mom asked, “Is that really the point? You have no idea if someone was reading it and who might be benefiting.” Touché, Mom. Touché.
Second – My fairly quiet fiancé answered a question in our bible study group. I was proud! Then… there was a direct, unforeseen, follow-up question. (NO! I thought. He’ll never speak up again.) I wasn’t sure how to answer the question, and I had no idea how he would. Without hesitation he said, “Well, it’s not about me. It’s about Christ.”
Oh, yeah... Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?

2. ‘Therefore’ in the Bible is there for a purpose 
learned this while listening to Beth Moore. (Love her!) I am sure this is something she says often, but I only recently heard it and was so excited! When I enthusiastically asked my fiancé ‘What does therefore mean in the Bible?’ He swiftly and without awe responded with the above answer. I was flabbergasted!! “You already knew that?!! Why have you never taught me?” I asked him! ..... I am still waiting on his answer. 
(I'm pretty sure he thinks I am the LAST person on Earth to have heard this.)

3. My fiancé is more amazing than even I give him credit for!
He pulled a friend aside and prayed with him. Not in an obvious, for-everyone-to-see way. I didn’t even know until he told me, and I was there!!That friend is another man who is a leader our church. I was impressed! Not always easy for men to do those things. Plus, the fiancé is pretty reserved about those things. AND the friend he prayed with is a LEADER in our church. I mean of course leaders need prayers too! The big deal is I know for my fiancé that took courage to pull this man friend aside who he looks up to and pray with him and for him! (The fiancé is smarter than I knew too. See #2)

4. Fall is my favorite!
I was never one to own up to a favorite season. I never wanted to be that person whose favorite season is the one coming up because if you’re always looking to what’s coming you never really enjoy what’s here. I also never wanted to be the person whose favorite season is the one we’re in – TOO CLICHÉ! This month I learned Fall REALLY is my favorite. 
Here’s why:
Shorts paired with a long sleeve t-shirt is SO comfy! & completely appropriate!
There is a crisp-ness in the air with a nice breeze, but it is not cold!
I can wear boots with dresses but I do not have to wear leggings, so I can feel the aforementioned breeze on my bare legs! (TMI?)
ESPN Top 20 Countdown is primarily made up of football and baseball highlights!!!
(My favorite spectator sports!)
Softball diamonds all around are full of girls living the dream! Thanks to ‘Fall Ball’(which is a season I have VERY fond memories of)!
Three of my very best friends have birthdays in September (shout out to my mom, Leslie, & Korrin)! Also, Korrin’s first daughter, Kamille, is a September baby! (Isn’t that sweet?) Plus, my fiancé’s birthday is just around the corner, October 2nd (see Babe I DO know what day it is! No, I did not consult my planner)!
Leaves changing colors! Pumpkins! Pumpkin Carving! Leaf piles! Fall Decor! Love it all!!
Finally, it’s chilly enough SOME mornings for my hot-natured self to drink coffee.

White Chocolate Mocha anyone?!

5. I have missed writing this blog!
In a recent life group (bible study on Sunday nights with a small variety of people from church), everyone in the group had to own up to which they had more trouble: courage or commitment. Mine was commitment. We all resolved to work at being better in our weaknesses. That is why I am committing to writing this blog again. Please, join me in this walk of faith. Help me when I stumble! It may not be good but it’ll be honest and hopefully a little funny too!!

The theme of today's post is part of a tradition shared among a group of bloggers specifically author and blogger Emily P. Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky. Visit Emily's post to see what she and others learned this month.


  1. Hi Rebekah,
    I linked up behind you at Emily's and I enjoyed reading your list. Congrats on your upcoming marriage...your fiance sounds like a good guy...Glad you are still writing, and that you took your mom's advice :) Blessings to you :)

  2. I love fall too for a few of the same reasons. It always makes me want to start running again with the cooler air and memories of cross country friends. Glad you started writing on your blog again.


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