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As Unique as a Snowflake

Growing up in in Southern Middle Tennessee just a few miles from the Alabama state line, there is not a great chance for regular snow accumulation during the winter. In a way this made snow that much more appealing to me as child because  it seemed in a sense so very rare.

Of course for a child... what about snow isn't appealing? It is soft, fluffy, white, and portrays a majesty unlike other things. Then, there's the opportunity for school to be cancelled too!

Snow doesn't make many requirements on children. It doesn't make driving more hazardous as that's not yet a responsibility. Children don't consider that the heat could go out or pipes could burst. Snow for children is simply for enjoyment.

One of the first encounters I remember with snow, I was in the first grade. We had a very young, energetic teach named Miss Davis. I still remember Miss Davis's smile that took up her entire face, the fact that she seemed to love being at school even more than us, and best of all she was unique and creative. The K-12 school I grew up in was a small, public school. Although I didn't completely understand it then, I knew Miss Davis was different from a lot of the other teachers. Miss Davis had a way of doing things that made other adults look a second time and usually take a little while longer to agree to her antics. Usually, it seemed Miss Davis won out due to her exuberance. I can't help but believe that her smile helped a lot too.

Although the beginning of the day is not that memorable, I can distinctively remember an aide coming in to our classroom mid-morning and telling Miss Davis something privately which made her eyes get big. I remember her standing up immediately and going to the window. Then, she was digging around in her 'teacher' art supplies. A moment later she followed the aide who had just stepped out of the classroom, and I heard Miss Davis ask the aide if she could watch our class for just a moment. I was immediately concerned there was a problem with Miss Davis. Maybe her mom was sick? (Oh how little minds work.) Then, I remembered Miss Davis had looked excited as she glanced toward the window. I turned my head but was too short to see anything out of the window from my desk other than the roof of the cafeteria and a classroom trailer next door. Miss Davis walked out of the classroom, and the aid I thought sounded scary and seemed to love boys best was there with our class. I decided to keep my head down until Miss Davis returned.

A little while later we could hear other children in the hallway. Too many of them to be a single class going to music or gym. Miss Davis came in just then with a blue poster board - my favorite color and not just any blue, Hornet blue (our school color)!

Next thing I knew Miss Davis was telling us we were going outside for just a few minutes, but everyone had to wear ALL of their clothes including sweaters, jackets, and gloves even if they didn't like them or they were itchy. As we lined up Miss Davis said all the other kids would be very excited because it is snowing outside. She told us we could be excited but she wanted us to be quiet for she had a secret to share with us.

Once we made it outside, simply standing in the parking lot with so many other children, I realized it was colder than it had been on the bus that morning. I was looking but couldn't see the snow. I thought well it stopped and we won't get to see it. Then, Miss Davis had us all make a circle around her. In a loud whisper she asked if we were ready for the secret. She held out the blue poster board, and then we could see it... lots of different snowflakes! Tiny and sticking to the poster board like magnets, and there were so many different shapes and sizes. Miss Davis told us to be quiet and watch closely to see if we spotted any two that were the same.

What a way to learn uniqueness. Once we were back in the classroom, I remember Miss Davis telling us no two snowflakes were the same. As someone with a twin sister, this was such an amazing thing. As a child, it was so grand to not just take her word for it but know because I had seen it with my own eyes. Miss Davis told us we were all as unique as a snowflake.

As unique as a snowflake... wow. Did God have that in mind when he made snow? It is a beautiful illustration of God's creativity and power.

I hope this post encourages you. May you be excited by what makes you unique.

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