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Books I Read in 2015

I have always loved biographies and autobiographies. From an early age I sought out books that were true. As I grew older, books that were about real people and how their lives developed continued to capture my attention. 

<<<< Non-fiction, History, Aviation

Science Fiction >>>>

Of course, as I read more and more 'real life' stories which are usually about triumphant and success, I become drawn to self help and improvement.
A few years ago I realized, all I ever read were self-help and 'real life' books (in addition to the textbooks and other reading materials that correlated with my graduate studies). I had a friend re-introduce Karen Kingsbury to me... and along the way I picked up some Christian Fiction and additional 'chick-lit'. I try to be careful when it comes to these.
Sweet Girl by Rachel Hollis - I enjoy Rachel's blog/website (The Chic Site), her Instagram, and her Facebook. Rachel demonstrates how to be a real life person, popular in her own right, successful business owner, mom, wife, fashionable, and EXTREMELY down to earth! She is mainstream without compromising her faith. In the world but not of the world! 

 Catching Air by Sarah Pekkanen was a surprise novel for me. It had two strikes against it before I even downloaded it as an e-book. #1 It was under Amazon's 'Recommendations for you' which I tend to avoid at all costs. #2 It is a novel. A novel!! I love getting to know and falling for new characters. I hate loosing them. A novel typically means by the time you've gotten to know and love these characters, you will reach the back cover - ARRIVEDERCI! Still this was a great read. The story line involved one of my life long dreams - owning a bed and breakfast!

Additional Fiction:
Bella Andre - The Sullivans Book Series #1-14
Bella Andre - Cape Cod Kisses & Cape Cod Promises
Nora Roberts ~ Cordina's Royal Family Series #1-4
JoAnn Durgin - Prelude: Prequel to The Lewis Legacy Series
**So, in trying to add more fiction and lighter stories to my reading list, I believe I read a few too many chick lit books in 2015. There was a lot of heavy, hard life happenings, so perhaps the trips to other worlds via books were just what I needed.

Christian Living 

This book was so wonderful!
I wish I could make it required reading for everyone married, about to marry, been married, or possibly marrying one day. I had so many similar thoughts as those presented in this book. It was truly great to hear someones else support with scripture, experienced viewpoint, and a passion to see marriage in light of eternity. 

Currently Reading:
Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman
**She is my most favorite author, and even though I bought this book when it was released, I find I am reading it slowly, studying the words, and taking in the meaning found in its depths.

Currently reading a sample of this book. It is great so far, but then I love history, beauty, sacrifice, rising from poverty, hard-working heroine, successful woman, and who doesn't love princesses? 

I also read a sample of Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Women's soul by John Eldredge. It seems most Christian women or at least those my age have read it. I can't seem to stick with it...yet.

I also began Max Lucado's, 'And the Angels Were Silent'. Life took over during that time, and I have not yet picked that book back up.

Such a wonderful, wonderful book! The book is meant to be read leading up to Christmas, but if you haven't ready it yet please don't let the date on the calendar stop you! 
I read 'The Greatest Gift' in December. It was absolutely beautiful.

Books in the Bible I read where completely and studied were: Malachi, James, John, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, and Philippians. I am working through Genesis, Psalms, and Hebrews.

I'm looking forward to finishing the books I have already started and haven't yet finished (Simply Tuesday, Grace Kelly, and maybe Captivating). My sister gifted me Holly Gerth's You're Already Amazing and at the end of January the women from our church are having a weekend retreat focused on Priscilla Shirer's Breathe. I imagine both of those books will be on my short list.

I also think at Kate Motaung's suggestion I will try Secrets of a Charmed Life and Stars over Sunset Boulevard both by Susan Meissner.
What was the best book you read in 2015? What are you planning to read this New Year? 
I wrote this post as part of a special edition link up with Kate Motaung hosted on her blog 'Heading Home'. Read what books other bloggers enjoyed this year.  Books I Read in 2015 Link Up


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