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Somewhere in Between

After yesterday's post, I have thought so much about an 'unspoken' group. A group of women who have circumstances which desperately need a light shone on them, I just want to ask you to consider those I'll call 'somewhere in between’….
Perhaps lost somewhere in between of should of and could have...
Perhaps wondering between expectations and reality...
Maybe even feeling desperately stranded between modesty and model...
Those in the transitions we so rarely discuss…

The transition of college student to young professional – where resisting what is trendy and wearing what is appropriate for a specific work place is necessary for a job, where weight gain or weight loss as a result of this big life change can result in clothing that does not fit appropriately (perhaps weight gain has caused stress and that dress that fit a month ago is a little too short but a new dress can’t be afforded at this time…) & where a weight loss can cause shirts to drape in a manner that is more ‘inviting’ to the eye than is intended.

The transition from new bride to not newly married – where it has become more of an effort to look pretty; perhaps the fun has worn off of dressing up for her beloved OR a change in physical comfort and appearance has made her ENTIRE closet feel like someone else bought the clothes hanging on the rack…

The transition to ‘I’m not young enough to wear that!’ or ‘I’m a mom I can’t wear that!’ and/or ‘I’m too old to wear that.’ – unfortunately I have thought a few of these and have heard other women say these too often usually in regards to trendy clothing pieces, and it breaks my heart. 
If an outfit doesn’t dishonor God and the temple that is your body and you’d like to wear it – why, oh why let your age or where you are in life or motherhood affect that choice? We are not meant to live as captors. We have been set free! 
Are we making Christianity a crutch, a cage?

The Holy Spirit dwells in my body and that is an awe-inspiring truth. Choosing clothing is important in regards to my Heavenly Father, yet it is not the end all be all in regards to my relationship with Jesus. It WILL affect how others view me though – a harsh fact that some may want to disagree with; however, I want to embrace it.
Still, I want to use it as grounds to submit to God's will for my life AND connect with other women, with family, with friends, and with you.

My mom has shared multiple times with me that she doesn’t want her clothing to allow someone to make a snap judgement of her. She seeks to dress in a way where you would have to make the effort to know her to understand her – not sum her up in one look so to speak. I love that!

I want to dress in a way that honors God and that is slightly ‘fashionable’ and ‘attractive’ for lack of better words. Why? First notice my number one goal is to honor God. Then, I get in to the fashionable and attractiveness for two reasons: relatability and to feel good respectively. I think being relatable is a way to reach people, but I will not forsake being relatable for being set apart as I know God commands us as Christians to be in the world but not of the world. Also, I am not too proud to admit that when I feel pretty I am friendlier probably because I feel more approachable. I know this is a fleshly limitation, but I surrender it to Christ and attempt to use it for His glory despite my short comings.

May our focus no matter the discussion be centered on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His will for our wardrobe, our thoughts, our focus, and our life.


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